Occasional Publications

The Society publishes a series of Occasional Publications, which may be monographs, bibliographies, editions of primary sources relating to Scottish book history or other longer pieces. The editors welcome proposals for these by letter or email following our journal submission guidelines.

Our latest Occasional Publications are:

Noltie, Henry. The Botanical and Forestry Library of Hugh Cleghorn of Stravithie. Published by the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society. March 2018, 232 pp. Paperback, ISBN 9781910877241.

£30, post-free within the UK.

Felix Waldmann, ed.: Further Letters of David Hume Waldmann coverPublished by the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society.
March 2014, 326 pp. Paperback, ISBN 978-0-9573359-1-2.
Now out of print and out of stock.

From the back cover:

Further Letters of David Hume represents the largest publication of new letters by David Hume since 1954. Drawn from more than twenty archives and libraries worldwide, the letters cover three decades of Hume’s adult life (1746-76) and significantly enrich our understanding of Hume’s biography and circle during this extraordinary period. Supplementing the letters are nine appendices, including the first census of Hume’s manuscripts outside of the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s renowned Hume deposit. A landmark in modern Hume scholarship, Further Letters of David Hume will be essential reading for any serious scholar of Hume’s life and thought.

Members’ copies should have been received by June 2014.

You can view or download a flyer for this book (.pdf format).

Additions and emendations to this edition are available as a .pdf document hosted by Cambridge University Institutional Repository. This document will be updated by the author as and when the need arises.

Keith Manley: Books, Borrowers and Shareholders: Scottish Circulating and Subscriptions Libraries before 1825, A Survey and a Listing

Published by the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society in association with the National Library of Scotland.
October 2012, 240 pp. Hardback, ISBN 978-0-9573359-0-5.
Price £35. No postage costs within the UK; £5 post and packing to the rest of the world.

You can view or download a flyer for this book (.pdf format).

A limited number of copies of our publications are available for sale to non-members

  • By email: contact the Treasurer, Edinburgh Bibliographical Society, at treasurer@edbibsoc.org
  • By post to Edinburgh Bibliographical Society, c/o McNaughtan’s Bookshop, 3a & 4a Haddington Place, Edinburgh, EH7 4AE
  • To pay by paypal: go to our Membership page, click on ‘Donate’, and pay the appropriate amount. Please inform the Treasurer that you are paying by PayPal so that your payment can be matched to your order

Members are normally entitled to one free copy of any Occasional Publication published during a session for which they have paid a subscription. They may obtain copies of other Occasional Publications at cost price plus postage by contacting the Secretary.

They are also entitled to free copies of the following titles, while stocks last:

  • Directory of the lithographic printers of Scotland, 1820-1870: their locations, periods, and a guide to artistic lithographic printers, by David H. J. Schenck. Royal octavo. 124 pp. Illustrated. Paper cover. ISBN 1 872116 29 9. 1999. £20.00
  • David Steuart Esquire: an Edinburgh book collector; the 1801 sale catalogue of his library, reproduced from the unique copy in New York Public Library, with an introductory essay, by Brian Hillyard. Royal octavo. 88 pp. Illustrated. Paper cover. ISBN 1 872116 03 5. 1993. £16.00
  • The best and finest lawers and other raire bookes: a facsimile of the earliest list of books in the Advocates’ Library, Edinburgh, with an introduction and modern catalogue by Maureen Townley. Royal octavo. 163 pp. Illustrated. Paper cover. ISBN 1 872116 05 1. 1990. £16.00
  • Clement Litill and his Library: the origins of Edinburgh University Library, by Charles P. Finlayson. 1980. £8.50. Published in association with the Friends of Edinburgh University Library, and still available from Edinburgh University Library. This was issued in lieu of Transactions for Sessions 1974/75 & 1975/76.

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