Journal of the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society – No 10 2015


  • Introduction By Sandro Jung – p13
  • The Chapbooks and Broadsides of James Chalmers III, Printer in Aberdeen: Some Rediscoveries and Initial Observations on His Woodcuts By Iain Beavan – p29
  • The Glasgow Poetry Chapbook, 1796–1799: Brash and Reid’s ‘Small Selections’, Cameron and Murdoch’s ‘most celebrated Pieces, both Scots and English’, Murdoch’s The Polyhymnia and the Stewart and Meikle Burns Chapbooks By Sandro Jung – p87
  • Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century Illustrated Chapbooks of the Legend of Jack the Giant Killer By Kwinten Van De Walle – p109
  • Waverley Novels, New Chapbooks, and Histories of Reading By David Buchanan – p139
  • The Saltire Chapbooks, Twentieth-Century Wood Engraving and ‘A Vast New Public of Readers’ By Kristin Bluemel – p158


  • CAROL M. MEALE AND DEREK PEARSALL, eds, Makers and Users of Medieval Books: Essays in Honour of A. S. G. Edwards (Rhiannon Purdie) 183
  • JULIE GARDHAM, Ingenious Impressions: Fifteenth-Century Bo oks from the University of Glasgow (Daryl Green) 187
  • MICHELLE LEVY AND TOM MOLE, eds, The Broadview Reader in Book History (Robert L. Betteridge) 189