Journal of the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society – No 5 2010

Cover 2010Contents:

  • Introduction – p10
  • Alexander Cunningham, Book Dealer: Scholarship, Patronage, and Politics by John W. Cairns – p11
  • ‘Every One is Sure to Get Something for his Money’: a 1712 Book Lottery and Auction in Edinburgh, by Murray C. T. Simpson – p36
  • Alexander MacDonald’s Ais-Eiridh, 1751 45 by Ronald Black – p45
  • New Materials Discovered at AbbotsfordBy Michael Buck & Peter Garside – p65


  • From Thistle to Kowhai: Books with Scottish Provenance from a New Zealand Collection by Anthony Tedeschi – p84
  • John Bell’s Travels in the 21 st Century by David McVey – p92
  • Constructing the Collected Poems of Marion Bernstein by Edward H. Cohen and Linda Fleming – p99

From the archives:

  • Type-Design and Type-Founding in Scotland By A. F. Johnson – p106

Book Reviews:

  • DAVID PEARSON Books as History: the Importance of Books Beyond Their Texts (Murray C. T. Simpson) – p113
  • GILES MANDELBROTE AND BARRY TAYLOR, eds. Libraries within the Library: The Origins of the British Library’s Printed Collections (Joseph Marshall) – p115
  • DANIEL DE SIMONE A Heavenly Craft: The Woodcut in Early Printed Books ; PETER PARSHALL AND RAINER SCHOCH Origins of European Printmaking: Fifteenth-Century Woodcuts and their Public ; PETER PARSHALL ed., The Woodcut in Fifteenth-Century Europe (Martin Moonie) – p117
  • ELIZABETH A. SUDDOTH The G. Ross Roy Collection of Robert Burns: an illustrated catalogue (Joseph Marshall) – p122
  • SIR WALTER SCOTT The Talisman; SIR WALTER SCOTT Woodstock (Alan Grant) – p123
  • EDWARD J. COWAN AND MIKE PATERSON e ds. Folk in Print: Scotland’s Chapbook Heritage 1750-1850 (Heather Holmes) – p128
  • MICHAEL F. SUAREZ AND H.R. WOUDHUYSEN eds. The Oxford Companion to the Book (Helen Vincent) – p131
  • ROBIN MYERS, MICHAEL HARRIS AND GILES MANDELBROTE, eds. Books for Sale: The Advertising and Promotion of Print since the Fifteenth Century (Heather Holmes) – p136
  • BRONWEN WILSON The World in Venice: Print, the City and Early Modern Identity (David Laven) – p138
  • FRANZ J. POTTER The History of Gothic Publishing, 1800-1835: Exhuming the Trade (Anthony Mandal) – p140
  • TERENCE ALLAN HOAGWOOD AND KATHRYN LEDBETTER ‘Colour’d Shadows’: Contexts in Publishing, Printing and Reading Nineteenth-Century British Women Writers (Stephen Colclough) – p143
  • VALERIE GRAY Charles Knight: Educator, Publisher, Writer ( Sarah Wadsworth) – p144

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