Journal of the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society – No 6 2011


  • Introduction – p10
  • The Breviary of Aberdeen By Jane Stevenson, Iain Beavan and Peter Davidson – p11
  • ‘To Diligence All Things Become Subservient’: Thomas Ruddiman’s 1703 Catalogue of the Library of the Faculty of Advocates By Robert L. Betteridge – p43
  • The Penicuik Copy of Alexander Gordon’s Itinerarium Septentrionale By Iain Gordon Brown – p56
  • The Curious History of Bryan Edwards’s Poems, Written Chiefly in the West-Indies By Karina Williamson – p74
  • An Agricultural Correspondent: William Aiton’s Contributions to Agricultural Journals and Newspapers, 1810 to 1846 By Heather Holmes – p89


  • MICHAEL SUAREZ, S. J. AND MICHAEL TURNER, eds. The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain: Volume V 1695-1830 (Peter Garside) – p120
  • MARK R.M. TOWSEY Reading the Scottish Enlightenment: Books and their Readers in Provincial Scotland, 1750-1820 (Heather Holmes) – p125
  • MILES OGDEN AND CHARLES W.J. WITHERS, eds. Geographies of the Book (Robert Laurie) – p128
  • KRISTIAN JENSEN Revolution and the Antiquarian Book: Reshaping the Past, 1780-1815 (Carmen Wright) – p131
  • MARK BLAND A Guide to Early Printed Books and Manuscripts (Joseph Marshall) – p134
  • MALCOLM JONES The Print in Early Modern England: an Historical Oversight
  • JOHN MERITON AND CARLO DUMONTET Small Books for the Common Man (Martin Moonie) – p136
  • SIMON COOKE Illustrated Periodicals of the 1860s: Contexts & Collaborations (Robert Laurie) – p140
  • JOHN GENNARD Mechanical to Digital Printing in Scotland: The Print Employers’ Organisation (Heather Holmes) – p142

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