Journal of the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society – No 3 2008

Cover 2008Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Publishing Abbotsford: Walter Scott’s Literary Legacy and the Abbotsford Edition of the Waverley Novels By Ruth McAdams
  • The Publication History of Ranjitsinhji’s The Jubilee Book of Cricket By David Finkelstein
  • Blasphemy and Bibliography in Kenilworth By Brian McMullin
  • Samuel Smiles and Self-Help, a Nineteenth-Century Bestseller By David McClay
  • Liminary Verse: The Paratextual Poetry of Renaissance Scotland By Jamie Reid Baxter
  • The Content of the Bannatyne Manuscript: New Sources and Analogues By Priscilla Bawcutt
  • Archibald Constable’s Private Library and the Sequestration of 1826 By Ross Alloway and Peter Garside
  • From the Archives: Three Authors on Early Scottish Printing

Book Reviews:

  • JAMES RAVEN, The Business of Books: Booksellers and the English Book Trade (Roger Gaskell)
  • SIMON ELIOT and JONATHAN ROSE, eds. A Companion to the History of the Book ( Ross Alloway)
  • EAMON DUFFY, Marking the Hours: English People & their Prayers 1240-1570 (Martin Moonie)
  • THOMAS F. BONNELL, The Most Disreputable Trade: Publishing the Classics of English Poetry 1765-1810 (William Zachs)
  • ROBIN MYERS, MICHAEL HARRIS and GILES MANDELBROTE, eds, Fairs, Markets and the Itinerant Book Trade (Heather Holmes)

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