Journal of the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society – No 8 2013


  • Introduction – p8
  • How Did David Laing (1793-1878) Acquire His Collections? By Murray C.T. Simpson – p9
  • ‘A library of books shall be the subject of my meditations’: the Library of the Dalrymples of Newhailes By Robert L. Betteridge – p33
  • Sir John Sinclair, the County Agricultural Surveys, and the Collection and Dissemination of Knowledge 1793-1817, with a Bibliography of the Surveys: Part 2 By Heather Holmes – p73
  • Duplicate Settings in the Magnum Version of Scott’s Tales of the Crusaders By B.J. McMullin – p143


  • R.P.H. GREEN, P.H. BURTON AND D.J. FORD, eds. Scottish Latin Authors in Print up to 1700: A Short-title List, Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia XXX (Jane Stevenson) – p164
  • STEVEN J. REID Humanism and Calvinism: Andrew Melville and the Universities of Scotland 1560-1625 ERNEST R. HOLLOWAY III Andrew Melville and Humanism in Renaissance Scotland 1545-1662 (Jamie Reid Baxter) – p167
  • GINA DAHL Books in Early Modern Norway (Robert Laurie) – p174
  • RHONA BROWN Robert Fergusson and the Scottish Periodical Press (William Zachs) – p176
  • SUSAN RENNIE Jamieson’s Dictionary of Scots: The Story of the First Historical Dictionary of the Scots Language (David W. Purdie) – p180
  • MICHAEL HEAFFORD, ed. Life in the South: The Naples Journal of Marianne Talbot 1829-32 (Peter Garside) – p182
  • K. A. MANLEY Books, Borrowers, and Shareholders. Scottish Circulating and Subscription Libraries before 1825. A survey and listing (Stephen W. Brown) – p186
  • AILEEN FYFE Steam-Powered Knowledge: William Chambers and the Business of Publishing 1820-1860 (Heather Holmes) – p190