Privacy Policy

Edinburgh Bibliographical Society (EBS) is a charity registered in Scotland which collects and stores personal data regarding its members in the following categories:
Full Names
Email Addresses
Postal Addresses
Telephone Numbers
Membership Type

This information, which does not include any ‘special categories’ such as ‘Sensitive Personal Data’, is stored and processed only for specific limited purposes, to enable us to fulfill our contractual obligations to our members and to service the legitimate interests of the EBS and its members as part of our charitable mission.

These purposes are:

Maintaining the integrity of our membership list;
Providing notice of our events and other announcements of directly relevant interest;
Distributing the benefits of membership such as the Society’s Journal and other publications;
Contacting active and lapsed members about the status of their membership
Making other notifications to members, where deemed necessary by the EBS Committee, either in the interests of individual members, or for the well-being of the EBS as an organisation;
Maintaining accurate records relating to the financial and other activities of the EBS.

Members’ personal information is held and processed by the Secretary and Treasurer of the EBS. Some information may be held by other members of the EBS Committee when it is relevant to the execution of their Committee duties. Copies of correspondence, including emails, may be also be retained or shared between Committee members when the duties of their office so dictates.

Members’ data will only be shared with third parties in the following circumstances:
When a list of attendees’ names is required on grounds of security or safety by the hosting venue of an EBS event;
If a third party is contracted to aid in fulfillment of the EBS’s services and communications (e.g. a mailing house to distribute the journal);
If the Independent Examiner of the charity accounts/reports makes a request for information that is directly relevant to the prudent exercise of that office;
In the event of the EBS being in receipt of a court order, or warrant, to co-operate with an official investigation.

In any of these cases standard security measures are employed to ensure that access to data is limited to those intended to have it.

Queries about data handling, requests for a personal data report, or complaints concerning breaches of privacy, should be directed in the first instance to the Secretary of the Society.