Edinburgh Bibliographical Society Transactions

The Edinburgh Bibliographical Society Transactions made up the second series of our regular publications and appeared in parts over six volumes 1938-2005. The following (except those marked ***) are still in stock. Free to members (postal charge of £5.00 for up to 3 publications per UK mailing). Please send your request with payment to the Treasurer. These are only available while stocks last.

Volume VI, part 7 (2005) *** M. C. SEYMOUR. Some Lydgate Manuscripts: The Troy Book.
DAVID SCHENCK. Directory of the Lithographic Printers of Scotland 1820-1870: Additions, Corrections and Revisions.
JOHANN GERRITSEN. The Gude and Godlie Ballatis (1597): An Alternative View.
A. A. MacDONALD. The Gude and Godlie Ballatis Once More
Volume VI, part 6 (2004)  I. C. CUNNINGHAM. Sir James Balfour’s Manuscript Collection: The 1698 Catalogue and other sources.
Volume VI, part 5 (2002) M. C. SEYMOUR. Some Lydgate manuscripts: The Siege of Thebes.
DANIEL WILLIMAN and KAREN CORSANO. Medieval Latin manuscripts in Scotland: some provenances
Volume VI, part 4 (1998) A. A. MACDONALD. The gude and godlie ballatis (1597): a ghost no more?
ROBERT DONALDSON. Fragments of the Aberdeen Breviary: further consideration.
W. R. OWENS and P. N. FURBANK. New light on John Pierce, Defoe’s agent in Scotland.
ROBERT DONALDSON. James Hamilton Louden 1910-1996.
ROBERT DONALDSON. Alexander Law 1904-1995.
Volume VI, part 3 (1995) ROBERT DONALDSON. Fragments of the Aberdeen Breviary.
JOHN MORRIS. A Bible bound at Restalrig in 1709.
BRIAN HILLYARD. Acquisitions of incunables by the Advocates’ Library before 1808.
Volume VI, part 2 (1993) BERTHOLD WOLPE. Caledonian miscellany.
J. D. FLEEMAN. Dr Johnson and Revd William Dodd.
TRISTRAM CLARKE. Politics and prayer books: The Book of Common Prayer in Scotland c. 1705-1714.
Volume VI, part 1 (1990) I. C. CUNNINGHAM. President’s foreword.
MURRAY C. T. SIMPSON. Some aspects of book purchasing in Restoration Scotland: two letters from James Fall to the Earl of Tweeddale, May 1678.
F. J. M. BLOM. The publications of Charles Leslie.
ROBERT DONALDSON. Ian Grant 1914-1990.
Volume V, part 5 (1988) *** WARREN MCDOUGALL. Copyright litigation in the Court of Session, 1738-1749, and the rise of the Scottish book trade.
IAN C. CUNNINGHAM. Two poems on the Virgin (National Library of Scotland, Adv. MS 18.5.14).
D. WYN EVANS. James Watson of Edinburgh: additions to the Bibliography.
A. D. C. SIMPSON. James Watson of Edinburgh and Sir Robert Sibbald.
JAMES R. SEATON. William Beattie, 1903-1986.
Volume V, part 4 (1985) ELIZABETH ANNE FRAME. The Copyright Collection of Music in the University Library, St Andrews: a brief account.
M. C. SEYMOUR. Some Lydgate manuscripts: Lives of SS. Edmund and Fremund and Danse Macabre.
BRIAN HILLYARD. Some seventeenth-century Scottish editions of Virgil.
PETER B. FRESHWATER. The elusive Andrew Brown.
A new edition of the works of David Hume.
Volume V, part 3 (1983) RONALD P. DOIG. Further notes on Gough’s British Topography.
JEROME MITCHELL. Hoccleve’s Minor poems: addenda and corrigenda.
IAN C. CUNNINGHAM. Beverland’s catalogue of manuscripts in England.
JOHN DURKAN. Medieval Scottish pressmarks.
ROBERT DONALDSON. An early printed fragment of the ‘Buke of the Howlat’ – addendum.
Volume V, part 2 (1982) D. WYN EVANS. James Watson of Edinburgh: a bibliography of works from his press 1696-1722.
Volume V, part 1 (1978). JOHN DURKAN. Henry Scrimgeour, Renaissance bookman.
A. S. G. EDWARDS. Hoccleve’s Regiment of Princes: a further manuscript.
Volume IV, part 7 (1974) M. C. SEYMOUR. The manuscripts of Hoccleve’s Regiment of Princes.
Volume IV, part 6 (1973) *** PRISCILLA J. BAWCUTT. Gavin Douglas and the text of Virgil.
ROBERT HAY CARNIE. The Pitsligo Press of George Hay Forbes: some additions and corrections
IAN C. CUNNINGHAM. Bruce and Wallace (National Library of Scotland Advocates’Manuscript 19.2.2)
Volume IV, part 5 (Session 1965/66)*** M. C. SEYMOUR. The English manuscripts of Mandeville’s Travels
Volume IV, part 4 (1996) *** WILLIAM JAMES ANDERSON. The ‘Compassio Beate Maria’ in manuscript and print.
IAN C. CUNNINGHAM. Alexander Cuningham on the text of Tacitus.
G. THOMAS TANSELLE. The Columbian Lyre, 1828.
Volume IV, part 3 (1963) *** ALEXANDER LAW. William Perry, his Academy and printing press in Edinburgh, and his publications.
RONALD P. DOIG. A bibliographical study of Gough’s British topography.
Volume IV, part 2 *** MARIO M. ROSSI. Herbert of Cherbury’s Religio aici: a bibliographical note.
J. B. PRIMROSE. The Pitsligo Press of George Hay Forbes

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