Journal of the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society – No 15 2020


  • Foreword By Elizabeth Quarmby Lawrence – p9
  • A Music Library for St Andrews: Use of the University’s Copyright Music Collections, 1801–1849 By Karen E. McAulay – p13
  • Revisions within the ‘Magnum Opus Edition’ of Scott’s Ivanhoe By B. J. McMullin – p35
  • Adaptation and Remediation: The Role of the Media in the Dissemination of Phrenology By Mila Daskalova – p61


  • An Unrecorded Edition of George Buchanan’s Psalmorum paraphrasis, Edinburgh, 1643 By Stephen Rawles – p85
  • William Macmath, Edinburgh Bibliographical Society, and Scottish Ballad Literature By Mary Ellen Brown – p89


  • JOHN BIDWELL, Paper and Type: Bibliographical Essays (Robert Laurie) – p97
  • ANDREW NASH, CLAIRE SQUIRES and I. R. WILSON, eds, The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain: Vol. VII, The Twentieth Century and Beyond (Peter Reid) – p99
  • DAVID PEARSON, Provenance Research in Book History: A Handbook (Mhairi Rutherford) – p102
  • DAVID FINKELSTEIN, ed., The Edinburgh History of the British and Irish Press, Volume 2, Expansion and evolution, 1800–1900 (Graham Hogg) – p104
  • JANE MILOSCH and NICK PEARCE, eds, Collecting and Provenance: A Multidisciplinary Approach (Stephen W. Brown) – p106
  • DAVID FINKELSTEIN, Movable Types: Roving Creative Printers of the Victorian World (Sandro Jung) – p110